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PanNotation is an online membership-based portal that hosts a wealth of information about the steelpan and it facilitates the purchasing and downloading of music scores.


Find and upload academic publications, historical information and steelband data from around the world

Composers & Arrangers

Upload your arrangements and earn per download of music scores


Download your favourite arrangements and access materials at any time.

Get 24/7 access

Fully access all non-score materials including articles, media, podcasts, interviews and much more. Get discounted rates on scores and upload materials at no additional cost.

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Academic Publications

Lead Sheets

Podcasts/Audio Recordings


Steelband Profiles

Why PanNotation?

The old way

  • Access to pan scores are limited
  • Limited opportunities for publishing pan scores
  • Arrangers have difficulties legally selling arrangements of popular international composers
  • Little advertising for pan businesses
  • Limited Not-for-Profits

The PanNotation way

  • Access pan scores worldwide
  • Steelpan arrangers and composers have a global platform in which to make their music available for sale
  • Arrangers can now sell arrangements of any genre because PanNotation will work on permissions on behalf of the arranger
  • One location for academic publications
  • Advertising for pan businesses available
  • PanNotation’s Not-for-Profit

Our Team

Mark Loquan

Dr. Mia Gormandy- Benjamin

Pat Loquan

Kavish Seetahal

Jamila Reid

Mark-Anthony Baptiste

Kadesh Clouden

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