Administrative Assistant

Mark-anthony Baptiste, Administrative AssistantMark-anthony is an eager, aspiring scholar that aims to be one of the most renowned ethnomusicologists in the region. He aims to further his experience and knowledge in the realms of psychology, anthropology, musicology, philosophy, theology and sociology to provide a more balanced perspective or account when researching or writing. Although particularly new to the musical and performance driven field, Mark-anthony Baptiste is no stranger to history or culture. At a tender age, he displayed a thirst for knowledge through his passion for reading and comprehension, through his story books and questioning their origins. Mark-anthony’s musical journey began at the early age of 8 years old but wasn’t nurtured until the age of 16/17 for the NESC examinations. Thereafter, he earned a grade II in the CSEC Music Examinations, which resulted in his enrolment to the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s National Academy for the Performing Arts campus.

In 2019, he achieved one of his first milestones in the form of a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from UTT along with a grand aim, to become an ethnomusicologist. His years at the university consisted of, what he would refer to as personal hardships, that resulted in a redefinition of himself, as well as experience that will forever impact his view on the world. He was initially mentored by figures like Mrs. Michelle Huggins-Watts and Mr. Seion Gomez but as he grew and developed his skills, his journey brought him to icons such as Dr. Leah Brown, Dr. Roger Henry and Dr. Mia Gormandy-Benjamin.