Patricia Loquan, DirectorA born and bred Trinbagonian, Patricia grew up in north Trinidad – Belmont, St James, and Diego Martin. On her father’s side, she was family to a famous ‘mas’ man which meant early exposure to the culture including the steelpan and carnival. Professionally she has been an HR Consultant for the last twenty years and prior to that, she worked for a multinational company in the consumer goods business with stints leading the local manufacturing facility and heading the corporate services during the 1980s and 1990s. She has enjoyed traveling extensively all over the globe for both work and pleasure and has also lived overseas for significant periods in Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

This has shaped her worldview and the development of broad perspectives about other peoples and cultures and a greater sense of appreciation of what is ours. While not musically inclined herself, she enjoys listening to many genres of music and living with two musicians (her husband Mark and son Evan), who have left her in awe of musical talent and creativity. Her contribution to the music field tends to be on the organisational, planning, and financial fronts. However, as a member and double guitar player of the Perth Pandemix Steel Pan Orchestra (formed while she was based in Western Australia), she has truly understood the lure of the steelband, the joy of playing sweet music, and being part of a band fraternity.