PanNotation Virtual Steelpan Conference 2023

The Virtual Steelpan Conference will be an interactive and innovative gathering of pannists, musicians, academics, and enthusiasts from a global network collaborating to establish and advance ideas for the enhancement and preservation of the steelpan art form. This event is PanNotation’s second conference and it will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2023 and Sunday, May 7, 2023. The Conference Committee would like to use its platform for sharing knowledge, discussing current topics, and networking with colleagues from around the world, among other ventures.

Conference Programme

The conference this year will feature over 18 presenters with various topics surrounding fields such as Music and Business, Education and Culture, as well as Technical Innovations and Artist Branding. Our featured presentation focuses on an interview-style conversation with Andre White as he talks about his journey and experiences through the world of music, whilst our featured performance will be done by Panograma’s 2022 Champion, Mathieu Borgne.

Andre White’s name is synonymous with excellence in Steelpan. Whether arranging popular music for a 100-person orchestra, composing, or soloing on stage, White’s music is unmistakable in impact.
Mathieu Borgne’s musical journey started at the tender age of seven with the piano and extended to the drums and the steelpan. He’s an arranger, performer, soloist, and the most recent Panograma champion.

Conference Registration

All participants, including presenters, must be registered for the Virtual Conference. To be registered, participants must complete the registration form and pay the conference registration fee. The conference registration window is currently open.

All registered participants will have full access to the conference and all activities on both days. Please click the LINK to get registered.

Once registration is complete, the Zoom link and further conference details will be emailed to attendees closer to the conference. All paid registered users will have access to the conference for a limited time following the event.

Participant Registration Fee in TTD Registration Fee in USD
Professional Participant $200.00 $30.00
Conference Presenters $150.00 $23.00
Student Participant $120.00 $18.00

Call for Proposals

There will be different categories of presentations at the conference. Participants are encouraged to submit a proposal for the category they are most interested in. The deadline to submit proposals is March 31, 2023.

Individual Presentations

Individual Presentations last a total of 15 minutes with a 15-minute period for question and answer at the end of the panel. There will be approximately three presentations per panel. Based on the similarity of topics, the Conference Committee will combine individual presentations to create a single panel. Individual Presentations can take the shape of a paper read, a presentation, or even a lecture. The creativity of the presentation is left to the presenter.

Organised Panels

Organised Panels last a total of 60 minutes. These panels can have 3 presenters with a 15-minute presentation each, and 15 minutes at the end for questions, answers, and discussion. Organised Panels can take the shape of presentations, roundtable discussions, or even group workshops. However, there must be time allocated for questions, answers, and discussion.
Vendor Spotlight

Steelpan companies and businesses can have an opportunity to share information about their products with conference attendees through the Vendor Spotlight. This spotlight comprises a pre-recorded message that can last up to 2 minutes and will be played at different points throughout the conference. Spots are limited.

Submit a Proposal

To submit a proposal for individual presentations, organised panels, or vendor spotlights, you must first have the following information ready: (i) full name, (ii) email address, (iii) location (city and country), (iv) type of proposal, (v) title presentation or panel, (vi) an abstract or description of your proposed topic (no more than 300 words). The deadline to submit a proposal is March 31, 2023. Click here to submit your proposal.

Conference Format

The conference will be entirely virtual. Only registered participants will be allowed access to the conference. The conference will have presentations, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and much more.


March 31, 2023 – Deadline to submit proposals
April 7, 2023 – Applicants will be notified of proposal acceptance
April 21, 2023 – Deadline for all presenters to submit necessary information for the conference programme
May 6, 2023 – Virtual Steelpan Conference
May 7, 2023 – Virtual Steelpan Conference

Conference Communication

All important communication for the conference including links to the conference will be communicated via email. Therefore, please ensure that you sign up on PanNotation‘s site using the email address you would like to use for this communication if you haven’t already done so.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us regarding the conference, please send an email to or use our contact us form on our website.
Conference Committee

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